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The blog is about food, cooking, eating, and reviews! ūüėČ

Some loves to eat, while some loves to cook and our blog is an amalgam of eating and cooking, so a big SHOUT OUT to itsfoodbong where you can savor our luscious food world.


About us : 

He : 

Akash is an software engineer by profession, loves football, plays FIFA like a buff and eats like a buffalo. ūüėÄ

From fancy meals to streetside chai and bun maska, he loves all of it.

He loves trying different cuisines, cafes and ¬†writes about them as well! ūüėČ

She :

Taran is an editor by profession and foodie by passion. She has¬†baked since she was a kid, but only started cooking since the time she¬†realized¬†the¬†passion. She loves to¬†experiment kitchen! Well, you’ll get to know about it pretty soon! ūüėČ

More than anything, she loves it  when people enjoy food cooked by her. Cooking, for her, is a stressbuster. She absolutely enjoys her time in the kitchen experimenting and she is here to share everything with you all.

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